We are trying to integrate relevant "open" information and present it in a more interesting and concise way. The key purpose is to transfer knowledge easily and without Reward and make the user stay and consume information on the site on a regular basis. The purpose of the user is to learn and enrich the knowledge of general, humanity, Geology, Astronomy and more scientific facts.

Learning, education, understanding the past, future vision, a better world. Astrogeomanity target audiences are curious, not satisfied with general information about the world and humanity. The most inspiring scientific topics among the target audience are: Technology, Geography, Biology, cosmos, animals, history, culture, antiques, aliens and Dinosaurs.

Mission: Astrogeomanity Mission its to educate and inform humanity agout history. Education is the solution for understanding the past and it can give a future vision to make a better world.

Vision: Astrogeomanity Provide an answer to the study of history and science in an accessible way and help inform humanity.

Target: Provide response and opportunity for children and adults to explore history and science in a fun way.

TThe definition of "Astrogeomanity"
1. The Astrogeomanity word comes from the combination of the 3 words: Astrology, Geology, and Humanity.
2. It's a creation story based on scientific evidence only.
3. It's an Online interactive encyclopedia of history and science.


Meet the team - our office rats:


Daniel Grossman



Omri Shem-Tov

Digital Support


Itzchak Marmorsteinn

Archiology advisor


Aide Lago

Physics advisor